Asolo Fugitive GTX Hiking Boot

Author: Jodi Pierce

Going on a hike with a pair of boots that’s unreliable promises to be a grueling experience to be part of. And trust me when I say, this has been my story for a very long time before I happened on Fugitive GTX hiking boots and it finally felt like I had found a hiking-shoe-producing brand that gets it.

It is no coincidence that the boot is rated 4.7 stars; there is no way you could have been doing everything wrong and be rated that high.

I have had it rough with hiking boots over the years that made me highly skeptical about trying out new brands, there are some great reviews on Amazon though.

For the purpose of not flooding this article with tons of reviews from satisfied customers all over the world, I will leave you with the one above and instead tell you more, from personal experience, about why the Fugitive GTX hiking boots should be your first choice when on the lookout for hiking boots to purchase

Durability Guaranteed: Buying a pair of hiking boots that gets worn out within the first three months of wear defeats the purpose of having to buy it in the first place. It became a struggle for me to keep restocking hiking boots almost every quarter in the year. Apparently all the brands I have tried made their boots susceptible to the extreme conditions hiking exposes it to, which is ironic because hiking shoes should be made to withstand extreme conditions. Ever since I tried the Fugitive GTX hiking boots, I have been full of praises for it. It has lasted for 2 years so far and with every hiking trip it seems to prove more tenacious than I had expected it to be.

Highly Comfortable: While hiking boots are expected to be hard-core, they shouldn’t be so hard-core that they interfere with the convenience of whoever is wearing it. Some hiking boots have this flaw of feeling too heavy for comfort, hence making the activity more excruciating than necessary. The Fugitive GTX hiking boots guarantees utmost comfort while wearing it, you’d be surprised about how something that strong could feel so easy and lightweight on the feet.

Highly Waterproof and Breathable: Some hiking-boots-producing-brands got it all wrong to think that because the boots are supposed to help you walk through hard surfaces, that they should be as impervious as a rock, making the wearer’s feet highly susceptible to sweating. The Gore-tex lining of the boots helps make sure the feet get enough supply of air to sustain dryness while hiking . Also you have nothing to worry about in terms of it getting wet when walking past a small body of water or when it is raining, as its tailor-made to withstand getting ruined by water.

Less Injury Prone: Hiking on rough surfaces for a long period of time with a pair of substandard hiking boots makes you susceptible to injuries, especially around the toes. This is because most hiking boots have really strong toe caps. But with the Fugitive GTX hiking boots, you have no cause to be worried about injuries because they are factory-fitted with Asoflex thermoplastic support, thereby avoiding the tendency of bruising your feet as you go hiking.

All-round Protection and Support: The makeup of Fugitive GTX hiking boots gives you this assurance that your feet are in safe hands as you proceed with your hiking.

Have you been facing difficulties in finding a pair of hiking boots that scores all the right points in offering excellent functionality? You have no cause to worry as a pair of Fugitive GTX hiking boots is all you need. Even for their price they could be safely referred to as a steal - too good to be true. Get yourself a pair today, and hit that rough terrain with confidence.