Best Snorkeling Sunscreen

Author: Kristen Chandler

Do you enjoy snorkeling, or are you planning to try snorkeling soon? As opposed to scuba diving, when snorkeling your body isn’t completely submerged underwater. You stay closer to the surface. Therefore, you will need to be sure that you are protected from the sun’s harmful rays by using sunscreen. However, many of the popular brands of sunscreen contain chemicals that are not only harmful to your health but are dangerous to marine life and the water as well. These chemicals can cause coral bleaching, and some of them can even kill coral reefs and fish. Hawaii has prohibited the use of sunscreens containing some of these chemicals. Keep reading to find out what you need to look for in a snorkeling sunscreen, what to avoid, and the best snorkeling sunscreens that you should use!

Snorkeling Sunscreen Do’s and Don’ts

Try These Sunscreens for Snorkeling

Below, in no order, you will find a list of the best snorkeling sunscreens. These have the safest ingredients for both people and the environment. They are also snorkeler tested and approved.

Thinksport Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+

Thinksport Sunscreen doesn’t contain avobenzone, oxybenzone, titanium dioxide, parabens, UV chemical absorbers, or reef harming chemicals. This sunscreen offers broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. It is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. This sunscreen is also gluten-free, vegan, and not tested on animals. The active ingredient is 20 percent non-nano zinc oxide. It is non-oily and goes on smoothly.

Badger Sport Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Cream SPF 35

Badger Sunscreen is free from artificial fragrances and chemicals including paraben, oxybenzone, octinoxate, and GMOs. There are only five ingredients in this sunscreen! The active ingredient is non-nano mineral zinc oxide. Other ingredients are organic sunflower oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, and Vitamin E. It is 98 percent certified organic and 100 percent natural. The sunscreen is water and sweat-resistant for up to 80 minutes. There are no artificial fragrances. However, the sunscreen does smell a little like sunflower oil.

RAW Elements Face + Body SPF 30

RAW Elements sunscreen does not contain oxybenzone or GMOs. It is biodegradable and reef safe. This sunscreen is not tested on animals, is soy, gluten and nut-free, and certified by the Natural Products Association. It also provides broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays. The active ingredient in this sunscreen is 23 percent non-nano zinc oxide. Other inactive ingredients that are USDA certified organic and certified natural include black and green tea, sunflower oil, hemp seed oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and rosemary oil extract. It smells like sunflower oil and is water-resistant for 80 minutes. The sunscreen is a little oily but applies and spreads easily. It does dry slightly white.

Stream2Sea SPF 20 & 30

Stream2Sea sunscreen does not contain oxybenzone. It does include certified organic ingredients, with the active ingredient being non-nano titanium dioxide. It also contains the antioxidants green tea, tulsi, wakame, and olive leaf. The SPF 20 contains 6.6 percent titanium dioxide, and the SPF 30 contains 8.8 percent. This sunscreen has shown water resistance for more than 80 minutes. Stream2Sea goes on easily and is not oily. It is not as thick as other mineral sunscreens. It goes on white but rubbing it in while you are applying it helps it to dry less white. The SPF 30 is whiter, and once you have been in the water, it will dry very white on your skin. The Stream2Sea sunscreen is very water-resistant but will come off with soap and water. The company does make a tinted sunscreen in SPF 20 and 30 that is less white and more skin toned. However, the tint is made from natural pigments so while it may not make your skin look white, it might stain your clothes.