Prevent Snorkel Mask Fogging

Author: Jodi Pierce

Let’s get into your head for a bit.

Picture this: You are in a large body of water enjoying the coolness and serenity being in the water offers, viewing all aqua bodies beneath you playing around. You know, you are at peace. Then all of a sudden, your sixth sense picks up that something is wrong. Suddenly, you can’t view what’s going on around you. You discover that water has seeped into your snorkel mask – that explains why your mask is fogged and you can’t see past it. You get scared. Adrenaline kicks in. You start breathing faster than normal. You lose balance. You found yourself getting plunged into the water and in a flash, you hit your head on a rock and you pass out.

Now, Stop imagining. Breathe. You are not stuck in water with your mask all fogged up and your vision hazy. You are reading this article that is sort of raising awareness on the worst possible scenario in the case of mask fogging. The worst possible scenario you could prevent from happening if you have taken all the right safety measures to prevent your mask from getting fogged in the course of snorkelling.

So, how do you prevent all that from happening? What safety tips do you employ to make sure your snorkel mask wouldn’t spring up surprise while snorkelling?

If those are the questions running through your mind right now, don’t worry we’ve got you.

Check if the Mask is New

If the mask you are about to use for that snorkelling exercise is new, the chances of the mask getting fogged up is high, because for new snorkel masks, there maybe residue patched on the lens after the manufacturing process, hence making it highly susceptible to get fogged.

There are two preventive measures you could apply to take out the manufacturing residue off the snorkel mask: