Snorkel Gear

Author: Joe Reilly

Snorkeling can be one of the most exciting and memorable experiences in your entire life. There really isn't anything like taking that deep-dive under water and using your snorkel to hang with the fish. So it's of utmost importance that you have the absolute best snorkeling equipment that your money can buy. Let's now take a look at what necessary equipment you'll need, the options you have for gear, what we recommend, and some fun snorkeling items you can pick up on top of that to make your experience complete!


When we say necessary we must stress that this is the gear that you really should not be caught dead in the water without. We start with the eye protection, better known as Snorkel masks. Snorkel masks are an essential part of snorkeling because if you want to keep the water out while keeping your eyes open, snorkel masks are a must have item here. They do come in different varieties but you'll want to make sure that the one constant here is that you get yourself a pair that's 100% silicone. These Snorkel masks can come with one to four windows, with some models containing water sealed plastic skirts. These snorkel masks are great because a lot of models can indeed fit glasses underneath or can be customized to have magnifying glass to replicate glasses this way you can see under water clear and crisp.


There are some cool options when it comes to snorkeling gear, one might think that it's a one size fits all type deal but now, snorkeling has a ton of variety involved. The key here is that you'll want to get a style that fits your face and one in which you feel comfortable wearing. Then you can decide on the other stuff like dry valves, the tubing, and splash guards. You get a lot of options when it comes to snorkeling.


If you don't want the vulnerability of just a snorkel tube and half mask then you might want to go with the full face mask snorkeling option.

Warning - These masks could kill you. Due to improper CO2 venting people have been known to pass out and drown in the water with some models. See below.

This option is widely popular for those who want their eyes and mouth simultaneously covered. This of course will come with its pros and cons. One advantage is that you don't have to learn how to breath under water differently. You simply put on the mask and breath as if you were right here on land. There's also the added benefit of reduced fogging. Usually with half masks because of the lack of oxygen under water, those masks can quickly gain some fog. Full face masks don't have this problem. Scratching is the trade off here though, as full masks tend to develop more scratches. Other downfalls to the full masks are ear pressure problems, possible labored breathing, and possible C02 related death. Currently there is a study going on to decide whether or not the C02 has been the blame for some snorkeling deaths across the world.


It's time to really feel like a fish because when it comes to snorkeling, your essential gear isn't only based around what's on your face, we're talking here about your fins!

Depending on your preference, you can go a long way in customizing your fins. They do essentially complete the snorkeling experience. And the major perk to swimming with fins is that they increase speed and motion. Not only this but you get added protection from anything that could cause you harm down under. The first choice you'll want to make when purchasing fins is whether you want open or closed footing. With open, you can rock your favorite pair of boots. Closed often times weigh less and they're just more overall efficient when diving and swimming.

Now, if this has all been more information than your excited to go snorkeling brain can handle, then don't worry they often times sell all the essentials in a set!


There's no question that the above items are a must need when going snorkeling. So now, we're going to take a look at some of the more recommended items for your snorkeling experience. These are items that you don't necessarily need but they sure come in handy!

Firstly, you're going to want sunscreen, but not just any sunscreen, water resistant sunscreen! (Yes they make that). Next, you'll want to look into rash guards. Not only does gear rub against your skin, sometimes the material acts as an irritant. A rash guard can almost fall into the must have category. Lastly, and don't let the name fool you or make you feel uncool in the slightest: snorkel vest. It may sound a tad bit nerdy but this thing comes in handy as a life preserver. You'll want one of these just in case the worst does happen. It's always good to be prepared.


By now you should be somewhat of a snorkeling equipment know it all. And yes, at times safety and the essential tools can have a bit of a regulatory feel to them, so for that reason we're going to finally cover some really fun items to add onto you're snorkeling experience. These are all items that aren't required but they really make for a great time!


You know all the gear we just spoke about? We'll it all doesn't matter if you don't have a bag to put it all in. A bag can keep everything neatly together and dry.


To be on the safe side, don't just go with any ordinary bag, opt for a water proof bag to really keep everything dry. Your change of clothes, cameras etc, all need a place to stay while you're out have fun.

Some other items to take with that are fun and make you feel like a superhero of the water are snorkeling belt and weight belt, snorkeling shoes, snorkel swim cap, mask strap cover, mask and strap cover bags, travel towels, snorkeling watch, fish and corral id books, snorkeling lights, snorkeling cameras.

Oh, and let's not forget one item we strongly recommend because we know that after all this fun snorkeling you're doing you might want to bring with you a nice and comfy travel pillow. Safe snorkeling!


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