You've studied and mentally prepared yourself on how to kayak. Maybe you're even a seasoned vet in the game now. You've most likely read our other articles on what the best gear is when it comes to kayaking, how to stay safe, and what the best locations are year-round when hitting those sun covered waves. But now comes something else you definitely need to check out and that's the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 kayak. Now comes the part where you get to treat yourself and find out about the very next kayak you're going to buy and this one is certainly a game changer. With all the kayaking you've done or are going to do, we'll provide you with all the details on one of the most talked about and acclaimed kayaks on the market today- the Vibe Sea Ghost 130. Because if you don't have one of the coolest models out there while you're having fun, what's the point right?


The Vibe Sea Ghost 130 aside from having a really cool comic book like name is a sporty kayak for the kayaker who wants to really experience the waves. Instead of just gliding leisurely, with this kayak you have the option to go fast, and really test that primary stability. The Sea Ghost 130 measures in at thirteen feet in length, a width of thirty three inches, and weighs a lightweight seventy-four lbs. They go for $899 MSRP. The Sea Ghost 130 is meant for adventure. Designed with an extra wide hull in mind, you won't have to worry about losing stability. With comfort a top priority within the design process there are many additions to this model that make it stand out from the rest such as small details like extra rod holders. You get a large rear tank for added space along with even more storage because it comes with an extra lid to mount additional equipment. Going back to comfort, the seating is designed so that you can spend hours at a time on the water. If getting to the hatches is an issue for you with other models, that's where the Sea Ghost 130 differs as the foot controlled rudder system easy to access front and rear hatches. Lastly, one of the most raved about features with this model is that you use less of your own energy to move the kayak. With a lot of other kayaks, paddling can be a chore but with the Sea Ghost 130, tracking is easy. Because with the included rudder, you conserve energy thanks to longer paddles making this kayak perfect for leisure on top of your fast paced adventure!

So now you have a feel of just what the Ghost 130 is all about. You know exactly what to expect when dipping that hull in the water and paddling away. But we also know if you're into kayaking, you're probably really into the real nitty-gritty aspects of whatever kayak you're about to buy and the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 should be no exception. Below we're going to outline and give you all the specifications and features of this kayak to leave no doubt in your mind whether you want to buy the Sea Ghost today or tomorrow.


The Vibe Sea Ghost 130 is a solo kayak. What this means for the kayak beginners out there is that it can fit up to one kayaker inside. As mentioned before it's 13' by 33" and weighs in at a nice compact 74lbs. What makes this model ultra durable is the material that it's made from. The Sea Ghost 130 is made purely from polyethylene plastic which is one of the better qualities a kayak can have as opposed to fiberglass which adds a bit more weight to the kayak. In terms of structure, it's described as having a rigid and hard shell with a multi-hull. The chines are hard, and you get a spacious standing platform. In terms of storage you're getting a bow hatch, stern tankwell, day hatch, and a midship.


Now for the additional features you get on top of the plethora of features already. Starting off, the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 has a dual position seat with four easy grip carrying handles. If you're looking to take a drink out onto the water there's s cup holder included. As mentioned before, the kayak comes with a pre-installed toe controlled rudder system.

Some small but important additives include two sealed hatches with bag inserts, two tackle tray holders, fishfinder transducer port with mounting points and protective lid, 4 integrated gear tracks, 2 capped flush mount fishing rod holders, 2 side bungee paddle parka, fast access bow paddle parks, 8 scupper holes with plugs included, and lastly, a replaceable skid plate.


The Vibe Sea Ghost 130 can be used for fishing and hunting. The model is best on flat and or sheltered bodies of water. It's a really great model for beginners and intermediaries. And also, you won't want to gift this to a child as it's designed for adults of average and larger sizes only.

Whether you're a newbie to the fun and exciting kayaking world or you've been out in the water for some really sun filled decades, there's a kayak for everyone. With the Vibe Sea Ghosts ability to give you a leisurely day out on the water to maybe catch some fish or get your face tan in, to being able to hold its stability, take some sharp turns, and go downstream fast, this model is able to mold itself to whatever you feel like doing. Gone are the days where you need to separate your kayaks for specific goals in kayaking, taking up so much of your precious storage. Now, you have a kayak that's able to do everything you want. It's a one stop shop! So what are you waiting for, head over and get your Vibe Sea Ghost 130 today!


Sea Ghost 130