Hobie Outback

Author: Jodi Pierce

Going Kayak fishing without the right kayak to make the trip more feasible is like going on a mission with a resolve to fail. The first step to getting it right is arming yourself with the right Kayak to sail through the water as you keep prowling for fish. Trust me, I have tried a ton of kayak brands, one way or the other each seem to be inept in specific specifications: Some lack balance in the face of a wave, some have balance but are lacking enough space to accommodate fishing gear, some have all that but the issue of moving too slow is glaring.

So, every time, I seem to pick a kayak brand based on the strengths that I feel I can’t do without, and every time I try to trade one for another it proves difficult and I end up asking myself, why can’t I have a kayak that guarantees excellent functionality and avails me the privileges of everything a good and complete kayak offers?

After a long while of experimenting with a ton of kayaks, it finally seemed as though I had found what I was looking for. I happened upon a review of a kayak brand and I moved to try it out. Ever since, it has been pure bliss and the only thing I seem to complain about is how I didn’t get to know about the Hobie Outback earlier: that would have saved me money, time and the stress I had to endure in my days of experimenting.

The Hobie Outback in a bid to make their customers enjoy all-in-one have, as expected, captured the hearts of many; hence it is a no-brainer that they are among the world’s top selling kayaks. They didn’t get it right the first time, it took them years of experimenting and listening to the needs/complaints of their customers to help them build a kayak that is just perfect in every way possible. Now they are like the yardstick for other kayak brands that seem to imitate their style.

If you are still not sold about getting the Hobie Outback, here are some of the perks of using the Hobie Outback to make you think:

Enough Room To House All You Need

As stated above, space has always been a problem when it comes to kayaks, there is most times little space available in the kayaks to store all the gear needed to make the fishing trip successful. Imagine the horror of leaving out important fishing accessories, because the kayak you’re using is not tailor-made to accommodate them – very annoying, I tell you. The issue of space is taken care of with the Hobie Outback. It is factory-fitted with certain specifications to ensure you have enough room to carry all that is needed for your kayak fishing trip. Some of the intrinsic specifications are:

2 Molded in trays – these trays makes it highly possible for you to be able to store as much gear as you need. So while kayak fishing and the need to use a particular tool arises, you won’t be scared of not having it in your boat because you have enough space to stock all the right tools.

4 Molded in fishing rod slots – this gives you the option to have multiple rods stored.

Built In compartments – with these compartments you can carry all that is essential for your kayak fishing trip, from clothes to bait. You will be amazed at how much the kayak is built to contain.

Easily Installable

Some kayaks are so sophisticated installing them becomes a herculean task, that you’d be needing an intervention from a professional to help you couple the essentials together. But with the Hobie Outback, some of the essentials like the – wire plugs, transducer scupper hole etc. – have already been preinstalled making the installation easy as ABC.

Highly Comfortable

Kayak fishing should be easy, fun, hassle-free, and most importantly comfortable – it’s a leisure activity for a reason. But with the way some kayaks are structured, attaining comfort is very much farfetched. Speaking from experience, that is something I have struggled with in times past: the seats are either too tight or the rudder is stiff. The Hobie Outback brand outdid themselves when they created a standard Vantage CTW seat that provides 1.5 inches additional sitting space. More interestingly is the fact that the seat is easily adjustable to whatever position you are most comfortable with. This particularly is one feature you will rarely find with other kayaks. The Dual Rudder Control is built with also ensures easy manoeuvring; thereby making navigation through the water surface an easy task.

Hobie Kayak - Fast

Some kayaks move slower than snails. The fact that you are kayak fishing doesn’t mean you’ll have to go so slow that it would seem as though you want to go back in time. The power packed Standard Mirage Drive 180 and Turbo fins ensures that you enjoy a faster and smoother ride than you’ll enjoy with most kayaks.

Guaranteed Safety and Balance

You don’t want to use a kayak that will literally leave your heart in your mouth anytime a turbulent wave sweeps beneath your kayak, if care is not taken you might end up passing out of shock. A good kayak should offer you that assurance that it could be trusted even in the face of turbulence. The Hobie Outback is structured in a way that makes it resistant and steady even in the face of turbulence and in the long run guarantees peace of mind as you go about kayak fishing. Also it has been proven efficient in carrying sufficient weight, eliminating the risk of flipping. Basically you can be rest assured that your safety is guaranteed while paddling the Hobie Outback.

I believe this article is sufficient enough to clear any doubts about its efficiency. Take no chances today and ride with the best and safest kayak there is out there.